Glitter Body Art Site Revamp

by | May 20, 2020 | 0 comments

We have been working with the amazing folks at Glitter Body Art since August 2019. Our main job was to keep things ticking over on their site which was already crushing the rankings. Week to week, we would check in on the site, carry out updates, and always be on hand to troubleshoot any problems that arose.  The site itself is a WordPress based, WooCommerce integrated, e-commerce store. The guys have thousands of products in stock, as one of the UK’s premier glitter suppliers.

The Design of the site had remained stagnant in recent times, and although the old adage says “If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”, Jane (The Boss) had noticed that he competitors designs were looking far more modern and fresher.

Fearful that the wolves were at the door and that she would start losing ground on the bright new upstarts that threatened her crown, Jane agreed that we could look at a wee upgrade.

Whilst the Glitter industry thrives during the build-up to the festival season (March-August), the demand is a lot lower during the winter months. January was the time to strike, and strike we did. The plan was a more, aesthetically pleasing design, opting for less is more, with the sparkles used sparingly, rather than smacking you in the face at every turn.

Jane had reservations that an overhaul of the site would have a negative impact on the top of the table rankings that had been hard-fought for over the years. We understood her trepidation, after all, GBA has worked for the best part of a decade getting to the top. To lose that grip could be disastrous.

The beauty of WordPress is that the content and the aesthetics, although are combined, they are also able to be dealt with separately as two entities. A fresh install of the Divi Theme sat on top of the content which bore so much success. We aimed to give the thousands of loyal customers that GBA had garnered over the years, a very familiar, yet refreshing experience.

GBA has a staple number of repeat customers, so we had to tread carefully to not alienate them from a user experience that had become so familiar to them. The working practice became keeping the general route map through the site, but to create cleaner lines and more definition.

And so the job began with a fresh appearance, and cleaner aesthetics, GBA’s has a new lease of life. Jane and the team are delighted with the progress, and although, not fully completed the essence of the new site is there for all to see. Most importantly, the feedback from GBA’s legion of customers has been nothing short of mindblowing. Although the business has been affected by Covid-19, as so many of us have, Jane and her amazing team are excited to reap the benefits of the change in direction.

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