Cwlwm Celtaidd – Emergency Rebuild

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Cwlwm Celtaidd is a project which is close to home. The Interceltic Festival of Wales is held in Porthcawl annually. The festival unites performers from the Celtic nations for a weekend of song, dance, and merriment. The festival is organised by members of the Dawnswyr Penyfai, one of Wales’ best-loved folk dancing groups.

Cwlwm had a WordPress site, which Angelton took the reigns for at the beginning of the 2019 festival. Our brief was to update the site with the latest news and arrangements for the coming years festival.

2019 went off without a hitch, unfortunately, during the lead up to the 2020 festival, disaster struck! the hosting hadn’t been set to auto-renew and everything was lost, all content, media, everything.

After lengthy, and fruitless discussions with the hosting provider, it was decided that a replacement was needed. We were faced with a monumental effort, we needed a new site, with all the necessary information (artist info, accommodation info, ticketing… you get the idea). On top of all this, the site needed to be bi-lingual, to meet criteria for funding. Basically, no site = no funding,  no funding = no festival. And to make matters more exciting, the deadline for completion was NOW.

The barebones framework for the site was relatively straightforward. Our ethos was to keep it simple, keep it clean. thankfully we rose to the challenge (aided by the fact that we had some photos backed up to help rebuild the site). Thankfully, we created something simple, yet beautiful, that had improved upon some of the issues that the old site was plagued by.  Cwlwm’s organisers were blown away by our efforts. We didn’t need to re-invent the wheel, just deliver – quickly. Needless to say, the festival went off without a hitch (just before lockdown struck).

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